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Kaftan, love, red, Maxi dress, evening wear, special occassions, plus sizes.

Kaftan, love, red, Maxi dress, evening wear, special occassions, plus sizes.


Second Wedding

Reading a few very good articles on second wedding and etiquette, what is interesting is that the Brides usually more mature also contributing to the bills are not generally attached to the traditional white wedding gowns and are a little more adventurous in their choices. A Wedding Kaftan can be the ideal alternative wedding dress and can also be worn as a destination wedding dress.


Kaftan, the plus size solution for Brides


No longer a Bride needs to wait nervously from a miracle crash diet outcome to fit into an elegant dress and feel the most beautiful person in the eyes of her groom on her very special wedding day. Dalila’s Kaftans perfectly understands this and offers the perfect solution.

Well if this is not a license to care less about your diet, there is a solution that will make any plus size ladies elegant, a Kaftan, and any wardrobe should have one. Well now that they are affordable you can have one two, if this is not already the case. You may want to have more than one too… Oh well!

Elisabeth Taylor was a big fan and needless to say that the current Moroccan Princess dazzled in her Moroccan Kaftan at the Duke and Duchesse of Cambridge Wedding. There are different types of Kaftans and celebrities are often featured wearing the more casual beach style. Kim Kardasian was spotted wearing an evening Dubai style Kaftan and Kate Moss was spotted wearing an Evening elegant Moroccan Kaftan. So that goes to say it is not a garment only for plus sizes.

Bridal Kaftans may be used for wedding and/or as an elegant yet comfortable change of brid party dress, making it easy to enjoy a memorable wedding party night without causing any damage to a white traditional Bridal dress. Obvious benefits are for those plus size ladies and pregnant brides. Why not also take it on honeymoon too no matter where you go a Kaftan is a quick solution that instantly make you look beautiful no matter your shape.

A special arabian theme and colourful wedding can also well complement these Kaftans, although you can still wear them without this theme in mind. Looking good no longer has cultural boundaries, and as demonstrated by many Kaftans are not just for the Western elite and Far East. Many people choose to wear it because it does add a touch of luxury and makes you look like a princess!

Affordable and elegant Kaftans can be sourced from – a London-based specialist on Kaftans. Kaftans comes in different styles and they can be tailored to any colour you like. Price ranges varies according to styles and start at £89 for evening Kaftans. For those who prefer less bling, styles can also be tailored to any taste. Please note that Dalila’s Kaftans can shipped all over the world from London.